The issue is simple. We are attempting to normalize a mental illness. Period. The fact that this has now become ‘trendy’ where we are enforcing and approving these measures in children, is beyond appalling.

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Apr 9, 2023·edited Apr 9, 2023

Dr. McC... Thank you for posting this. A sad and expected reality check for us all. I have many lesbian and gay patients in my own small practice. Most are very well adapted to life and are happy and functioning normally in society, but 100% have clinical PTSD (almost always associated with severe family dysfunction). I also have a dozen or so, trans individuals (male to female and female to male). These young folks also meet DSMV criteria for PTSD 100%. After nearly 50 years in medicine, it seems to me that there has been a relative explosion in these gender dysphoric folks and it is NOT just due to political or socio-cultural/media manipulation. Tik-Tok and Facebook are not the origins of this situation, IMO, but do exacerbate the underlying problem.

I have come to believe that there are a myriad of organic factors environmentally that must lie contributing to this shift in gender identification and expression. Some of these factors include chemical contaminants (such as atrazine, perchlorates, glyphosates, phthalates, styrene, and bisphenols), EMF, vaxxx of all kinds, GMO foods, some unknown genetic pre-dispositions that become manifest with a toxic brew of poisons of various kinds.

It is apparent to me that our Ruling Psychopathy has long recognized this issue of contamination - poisoning - of the population - and, instead of identifying and dealing with the many threats that we are facing environmentally, has chosen to politicize and capitalize on the emerging "other" among us. "They" have used illness to divide, control, and profit from the peasantry. From selling Bud Lite to demonizing "trans" people by creating school shooters (through insane psychiatric drugging and gaslighting), TPTB know full well what is going on and they are determined to ramp up the chaos in these last days of Empire.

As a father of two gay kids (one lost to PTSD), I implore everyone to be understanding, accepting, and loving toward those among us who may be disaffected and "different" and struggling to make it through this all-too-short life.

It is Easter today. Peace and Hope to all here.

PS: Excellent review of just the plastics issue: https://www.consumerreports.org/toxic-chemicals-substances/most-plastic-products-contain-potentially-toxic-chemicals/

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I wish medical journals would stop going along with non medical made up words like "cis gender". I am heterosexual and that's the word I "prefer" because that is the proper word. Enough of these people with psychiatric problems telling me about my sexual preferences and trying to make an issue of it when no issue exists.

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It’s a perverted fetish and it is demonic. We are in a spiritual warfare.

John 14:6

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Kind of interesting that a white guy with dreadlocks is culturally appropriating another race's style but that same white man can dress as a woman and compete in women's sports, use their bathrooms and changing rooms and if you DO NOT accept this appropriation, you are evil vile disgusting filth.

Time to put the brakes on this. Convincing children to mutilate their genitals, go on puberty blockers, drag queen reading time, the sports and bathroom issues, the true violence shown by this radicalized, hormonely confused, surgically disformed group has crossed a threshold that should not be accepted.

Lets get back to biology and do some research on why there is an increase in gender dysmorphia, its part social, but there is a chemical driving force behind all of this.

You never would have convinced my generation of this.

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Or put more simply: If you try to fix merely unhappy and disturbed with mutilation, you will get less happy and more disturbed. Shocker!

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This will most definitely become one of the most HOTEST TOPICS!

And dam well should be.

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Thank you for your analysis of this study.

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Asking the politically impossible question:

Could dramatically increased vaccination (doses per child) over the last 5 decades be a cause of the apparent dramatic increase in transexuals?

Are the “childhood” vaccines causing changes in the brains of infants and adolescents who later diagnosed or identified as transexual?

What percentage of unvaccinated (Amish, etc) are later diagnosed or identified as transexual in comparison to the population in general?

Yes, transgenderism is a mental illness even though the corrupt medical / psychological and pharmaceutical empires deny it. But there *MAY* be a scientific reason for this increase in mental illness: poisoning the still-developing brain at an early age.

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The synthetic hormone replacement therapy and cancer risks must be awful, too.

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This is so tragic. Keep your children and grandchildren away from the internet! My granddaughter in first grade had an issue in her class. A girl with older siblings. The sad part is the left blame others for these suicides instead of delving into the underlying causes for this before they undergo life altering procedures. It’s like a cancer that is spreading like wildfire through our schools and our enemies are applauding our destruction from within.

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Peter and all,

Happy Easter!

My heart is VERY heavy for all suffering and loss at the individual, family and community levels until The People decide TO UNITE in a real Freedom Movement with strategic planners AND fund the movement!

Nothing shocks me anymore except 2 items…

1. LACK OF PRIORITIES…Some still want to focus on distractions/minutia in the most serious, dangerous war for humanity!

2.. LACK OF SERIOUS UNITY…There will be many more tragedies everywhere until The People decide TO UNITE in a real Freedom Movement with strategic planners AND fund the movement!

Yes…Our government is ground zero for ALL the pain and suffering of ALL humanity! Who is supposed to hold politicians accountable at every level?

Need I ask any more questions except the most important one?


If it is..the following message that I repeat EVERYDAY is for you!

The buck stops with us…We The People!!!

UNITY of The People is critical to the survival of humanity and winning this war for future generations.

We must unite and fight with ALL we have…Satan cannot win!

Lex Greene says it all at this DANGEROUS moment in America’s history! Contact Lex if you are ready to FINALLY unite with serious strategic planners…



Personally…I have worked with Lex and the NORTH AMERICAN LAW CENTER group for 15 years…America’s best brilliant and strategic minds!


Mother/Grandmother Lion of almost 7 as of yesterday…New Life is the best!!!

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I understand the pain. But we must protect the children. Adults are responsible for their own choices. Children need to be protected.

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Kind of blows up the argument made by the radical trans movement, that NOT getting the "needed medical interventions" means a "genocide is occurring" but in fact it is these insane medical procedures that are causing excess death.

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As the media has beaten into our brains(or attempted to) that the "vax" is SAFE AND EFFECTIVE, I believe it is doing the same thing with gender dysphoria. We had 2 years of lockdowns, which devastated young children, and now they keep throwing this condition out there. I have taken care of adolescents who are started on hormone blockers for said dysphoria by physicians who have signed onto this. Meanwhile the initial issues which lead them to seek an answer to their problems(depression,eating disorders) did not improve but worsened. The ongoing experimentation on children and adolescents is criminal. And the extremes to which those in the medical profession have just gone along with this is sickening and heart breaking.

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Their underlying Psychological Disorder doesn't get treated so they end up frustrated and Depressed so they Commit Suicide.

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