Criminals and psychotics accuse others of what they themselves do. "Anti-science rhetoric and extremism" as described by Hoetz is EXACTLY what the globalist alliance of the WEF, Pharma, the Rockefeller Foundation, Fauci and Gates have done the past 3 years. This globalist cabal falsely inflated the dangers of covid to generate as much fear as possible, falsely discredited inexpensive and successful treatments that would have saved lives and voided the need for vaccines, fraudulently pushed unsafe and ineffective products masquerading as "vaccines," and forced the media (which they control) to censor and suppress all doctors who presented the true science and scientific facts. All individuals involved in this alliance are psychotic or corrupt or both. Fortunately, the majority of the population now knows the truth, thanks to thousands of people like you. Truth ultimately conquers all censorship.

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Much love to you and yours Doc. You are an inspiration and proof that there is still a lot of good in this world. And it’s worth fighting for.

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That abstract is pure propaganda, nothing close to science.

1) "Anti-science rhetoric" is an undefined term and can only mean something political.

2) "Political far-right" is nothing but a boogeyman term, also undefined.

3) Their one example of a drop in vaccine coverage leading to measles outbreaks is hysterical. Measles is fatal in at worst about 2% of cases prior to vaccines. So they scare people with a non-scary disease, sounds like covid.

4) They declare that the US was the "epicenter" of the covid pandemic. This is pure rhetoric. Epicenter is a term used in earthquake categorization, entirely wrong for viral outbreaks. The use here is also extremely vague since any single point on the planet could be defined as the "epicenter" of a virus.

5) They then make you afraid that "anti-science" movement is spreading to other countries, and people making their own decisions instead of doing what international health agencies say will cause death.

6) They then associate these people with a "triumvirate", a loaded term that implies groups working in concert to replace democracy (as happened in Rome).

7) And, for good measure, Russia is spoken of in association with those the paper dislikes, to nail in a final boogeyman regadless of reality.

It's pure propaganda.

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The evidence of the vaccine's safety and efficacy is clear to anyone that will look at the evidence. Those too afraid to look will pay a heavy price. Ignoring the evidence is anti-science.

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays my fellow health terrorists. This is the hill. The government does not get to force me to put things into my body. Thats my line. This is my hill.

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Merry Christmas, Dr. McCullough & Mr. Leak! So many of us are so thankful for all the truth tellers!

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Fauci is an overpaid overactor who smirks and lies and levels the anti-science epithet at genuine scientists. He is mostly a pompous and ridiculous ass. The more he makes a fool of himself the better I like it.

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Can't wait for the House CoV hearings and to call the "anti-science" propagandists to testify about their efforts to discourage debate. The public needs to really understand the incompetence.

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Thank you and merry Christmas! I sincerely appreciate everything you have done for humanity.

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Those who complain about "anti-science" have done more to undermine science than anything since the Inquisitions. Progress in any society depends on searching for and executing improvements. It's revealing that the people most interested in inhibiting progress call themselves "progressives."

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Hotez is yet another member of the WEF “ Young Global Leaders” tribe. “ Malthusian Megalomaniacal Monster ‘r’ Us”. The unwashed useless eaters, breeders and breathers are “ We The People”, soon to be techno-hybrid sterile slaves.

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Dec 25, 2022·edited Dec 25, 2022

The Fauci/Pfizer/Tedros/Hotez et al Covid Cabal are the true purveyors of anti-science. Let's look at how they do that.

FIRST, rogue bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci and Francis Collins corrupted language, using doublespeak consistently. The shots that were given to over 4 billion people on Earth were not "vaccines" at all. The shots were mRNA genetic engineering biotechnology. To alter the definition of "vaccine" to include GMO technology was to perpetrate MISINFORMATION in order to MISLEAD the public and cause people to willingly take the shots and force them on their children. This corruption of language to obfuscate the truth is anti-science behavior! Real scientists do not play such word games. And the scientific proof of the DOUBLESPEAK FRAUD is that the shots NEVER provided what was promised! The shots never prevented infection in those who got the jabs, and the shots never prevented a sick person from transmitting the disease to someone else. Prevention is what vaccines can do. BUT THESE SHOTS WERE NOT A "VACCINE".

SECOND, these rogue bureaucrats block the free flow of information necessary for a rapid public health response. They refuse to allow data to be available for the entire scientific community to analyze in order to come to the best and fastest scientific inquiry and findings. Instead, FOIA requests have been refused or obfuscated, and it has been necessary to file lawsuits to get data. Science is not based on SECRECY. But that is just how Fauci/Pfizer/NIH/CMS/DOD are operating; there is no "public" in public health in their world of anti-science. There is not free-flow of data for scientific inquiry -- only stonewalling and other tactics of HIDING the facts. That is anti-science behavior! Fauci's repeated perjury before Congress regarding the reality of the gain of function development of both the covid19 agent and the covid19 shots biotechnology is another example of the extremes that will be taken to UPHOLD SECRECY and fend off scrutiny by the public and scientific community.

THIRD, it is anti-science to REFUSE public discourse and disclosure of data regarding the REALITY of death and adverse reactions to the covid19 shots. This continued underplaying and stonewalling regarding this reality of the failure of their rapid roll-out of an experimental biotechnology is costing lives every day. It is anti-science on steroids to turn a blind eye to this reality -- a literal bureaucratic POLICY that has resulted in NO THRESHOLD ON DEATHS AND INJURIES DURING THE ONGOING COVID19 INJECTION/DOSING CAMPAIGN. In the past there were thresholds for intolerable failure of a drug or protocol. In a world controlled by anti-science rogue bureaucrats, there is NO THRESHOLD FOR PAIN, SUFFERING, DISABILITY, DEATH.

FOURTH, real scientific inquiry would deliver real solutions and treatments. Fauci and Friends took an anti-science approach instead, obvious in all the PROVEN UNHEALTHY mandates they forced on us: masks, indoor isolation lockdowns of the healthy, anti-social distancing, policy that forbid early treatment, lethal Remdesivir protocol, non-vaccines.

FIFTH, whereas science works to build understanding and possible solutions, Fauci and Friends did all in their power TO CONFUSE (putting out conflicting statements), TO CAUSE FEAR (using more doublespeak falsehoods like promoting the untrue idea of being ill with covid but having no symptoms), and TO PROMOTE ANTI-SOCIAL DISTRUST AND LOATHING (stirring up a frenzy of hate by labeling the unvaccinated as "dangerous anti-vaxxers"). They prove themselves to be anti-science when they DEMONIZE NATURAL IMMUNITY and repeat the falsehood that "vaccination" -- or genetic engineering in the case of the covid shots -- is the only way to reach healthy immunity. This anti-science lie is their biggest FRAUD as it is being used to force people the world over to allow experimental genetic engineering biotechnology to be injected into their bloodstreams. All without proper informed consent.

I am NOT in favor of unregulated industries, and the entire covid scam makes me see an even greater urgency for regulating new biotechnologies. Big Science presents big problems. Normally, I would not find myself defending Science, and I do so only in the hope that an abstract ideal embraced by a majority can save us -- because what this Covid Cabal has done with Science is to intentionally weaponize it and, via doublespeak, call it "public health" while harming us, and THAT is a CRIME.

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For a duration of time spanning nearly three years, I have found myself cringing with disgust as we were from way too many angles, being lied to smack dab in our faces! (A continuum)

My ingrained aspects of intuition about a Royal Scam from a lab leak, yet I was not tripping over stacks of dead bodies, nor was the TV News. (not one person I know hospitalized) But the absolute rock solid proof about "gain of function" was when Tony F was asked point blank by senator Rand Paul to the known verification of NIH doing just that. The little weasel lied like with the bald face evil smirk, as did Bill Clinton about sex with Monica. The face shows the facts of a person with "0" integrity/compassion/values/ or respect of others. Only the hubris of self moronic beliefs!

Some shit you just can not unsee in time and space, nor forget. Good or bad!

They are the JFK/RFK/MLK/9/11/COV19 moments unforgettable. Now this one one "TOPS" them all!

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