Hi Dr McCullough,

There are twelve doctors in my local surgery, all who believe “vulnerable” people should receive the jabs. I currently support two middle aged lads, one with downs, and the other with cerebral palsy, who have been advised (and now given) the latest jab. They’re currently in good health.

I have an idea and I need your help!

I would like to print out and hand deliver, to each of these doctors, the top ten peer reviewed articles which demonstrate the many side effects and dangers lurking in these products. Which articles would you recommend, and where do I find them?

We have to wake these doctors up, and this is such a simple thing to do. Maybe others could do the same?

Thank you, Gus.

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The FACT that our government regulatory agencies have not pulled these gene therapies from the market given the overwhelming evidence of the danger they are causing to public health is very telling of their intent to harm patients. These are NOT mistakes or incompetence. They are inflicting INTENTIONAL harm and they MUST held accountable.

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I am an exhausted layman, however I suspect this report cannot be ignored. If it is, it’s at one’s great peril.

Unless one can have this explained away by some credible friend or source, you cannot take another shot. This risk cannot be ignored.

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The importance of this study cannot be overstated.

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Dr McCullough - Hi, I’m in the UK and reluctantly took the bloody poison jabs (selfish holiday reasons kind of forced on me….)…. After reading a couple of articles by yourself and Steve Kirsch, I’m now taking curcumin, nattikinase and Bromelaine (actually I need to replenish the Bromelaine). Will these help to dissipate the spike protein? My last jab was Aug 2022. To my knowledge I haven’t had Covid and so far no side effects, but I don’t know what’s in store.

I’ve told my two kids to steer away from mRNA shite as it’s dangerous. No one believes me when I mention it. Up to them….

But if someone could advise if I have to take these supplements forever or just for a year or something, that would be appreciated.

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what do you think about the research of the German Pathologist Prof.Dr. Arne Burkhardt, an dhis results? he did passed away May 30st.2023, by accident or?. His research was very negative observed by the German Goverment. thx

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Dear Dr McCullough, I saw the show with Dr Drew and Kelly.

Would you please go into more detail at some point as to how taking the original mnra jab messed with the immune system so that when a person gets Omicron there is a 'mismatch' and the immune over reacts?

Also, I now know a number of people who have lung fibrosis either from covid, pre shot, and more who got covid a year later after their shots. Like my husband they now have idiopathic lung fibrosis along with hypersensitivity pheumonitis, bronchiectstatis and pulmonary hypertensions and maybe lung clots.

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Oct 18, 2023·edited Oct 18, 2023

Bought-and-Paid-for Fact Checkers will argue the following:

1. This was on Rats, not Humans

2. Only the Vaccine was tested, not natural Covid infection (thereby implying that the vax still might be less dangerous than Covid infection)

We know these arguments are just hand-waving, but no doubt they will be used.

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;) I think the logical thing is for Pfizer to co-administer their vaccine with a drug to suppress the excess PKA activity... If they can stop the body self-destroying its own damaged heart cells ;)

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Pardon my ignorance, I’m a musician, not a scientist 😉 but are we talking about atrial fibrillation caused by the jab and/or Covid infection ? Thanks 😊

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