This can be replicated across the world. In my country there have been an access of deaths after a supposed 94% vaccination rate which no one will investigate. Only one brave politician will mention it in parliament.

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I’ve been down this rabbit hole from the beginning. This is what I believe.

The greatest lie told to us by far is that a coronavirus can escape from a single point of origin either zoonotically or from a lab, then circle the globe within several weeks.

Most biologists, virologists and epidemiologists are ignoring the fact that coronaviruses are very bad at replication.

That's one reason why you can be in the same room with a sick family member and not get sick. Or get a milder case.

If coronaviruses were as efficient at replicating as they've tried to tell us then whomever is around a sick person is guaranteed to get sick until everyone gets sick. But that's not how coronaviruses work at all.

If anything at best a fraction of someone's viral swarm is contagious. And, of that fraction not all the viral genomes are identically virulent. Mostly coronaviruses make imperfect copies of themselves.

They've got everyone worried about gain of function and "the next pandemic" so that we give up our rights to a global authority. The monster in the Petri dish is a lie.

Coronaviruses are RNA viruses which whether created by nature or a lab still exhibit weak fidelity. So in order to study them they clone existing viral pathogens with DNA which stabilizes them for research.

To be clear cloning is not GOF, it's just a standard research methodology. However, even with DNA clones their replication is short lived.

Therefore It is entirely plausible the pandemic was caused by the deliberate release of strategically placed DNA virus clones in key places throughout the world.

They would be temporarily stable enough to illicit an aha! moment and make unsuspecting researchers around the globe believe they were dealing with a worldwide spread of a novel virus.

They'd initially sicken the vulnerable with somewhat unusual symptoms then gain long-term traction through media fear mongering and ongoing PCR testing at cycle thresholds far beyond what was appropriate.

The more cycles the more sensitive the test until an insignificant positive result is found.

Factor in federal monetary incentives for testing, positive results, and treatment.

Another avenue to malfeasance that nobody seems to be questioning is, where did the flu go? Do we really believe masking and distancing instantly ended the flu? Immediately, world-wide? That's utterly nonsensical.

Bottom line: we are never going to find what we're not looking for. Don’t look for influenza and there won’t be any influenza. Looking for the single origin from Wuhan or North Carolina is misdirection. We should be asking how such a low fidelity virus was spread? Who spread it? And, why?

I believe global citizens are being feared into submission by nihilists deluded into believing their total global control is necessary for the greater good.

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You just described the “one world government “ as written in the Biblical books of Daniel and Revelations.

Tighten your Bible belts the (real/true Jesus) Christians. Your redemption draweth neigh.

John 14:6

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The scamdemic is the parallel to the coming tribulation. The shots aren’t the mark of the beast. But the fear and weakness, peer pressure and trampling of personal liberty to bow to a false and dangerous government mandated ideology are the doppelgänger of things to come.

I think bowing to a false god to receive the mark (implanted chip) to enable buying/selling will be as simple as clicking on a TOS, like we’ve already been conditioned to do a thousand times. It’s easy and convenient to give up your soul these days.

What’s not to like? If you resist your friends and family will chide you for not caring about yourself, your family, or society’s welfare. Sound familiar?

My friends believe there’s nothing to worry about. Believers will be raptured and watch the mess unfold from the clouds. I think that’s a dangerous stance as there is debate about whether the rapture is pre or post tribulation.

I think it’s best to presume it’ll be post tribulation. In my view pandemic is a test. A pre-tribulation practice run. Was a window on psychology and methodology.

So, how was the outcome? From where I sit most people backslid and let fear be their guide. Still are or this false doctrine wouldn’t be still ongoing.

People continuing on this path are the same ones that will be easily duped by the lie of extraterrestrials. Lots of beguiling we wouldn’t have thought possible is shaping up.

Stay sharp. Stay vigilant. And, pray.

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Mar 26, 2023·edited Mar 29, 2023

Totally agree. Post or pre be on guard and pray for discernment. Even most of the elect deceived.

John 14:6

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Mar 28, 2023·edited Mar 28, 2023

Deception takes many forms. When I used to think of deception I mostly thought of slight of hand like a magic trick. But there’s more tentacles to it than that.

It takes tremendous courage and will power to defy your government but more so your bought-in husband, wife, mom, dad, brother, sister, colleagues, or trusted friends.

They will ask how can you possibly justify resisting a process that jeopardizes health, career, education, food? It’s in everyone’s interests to comply. You must be insane, right? A danger to yourself, your loved ones, and humanity at-large.

People will tell you, just agree. Get the chip. Then if you want to pray or worship just do it in secret. Nobody will be the wiser. That’ll hold water for about the first seven years. After that technology will be so throughly invasive they’ll know. And the wrath for noncompliance will rain down heavy and weed out the suckers.

Mandates gave us a little taste of it recently, but if we thought they were bad, when the world shifts to bowing to a one-world leadership paradigm, we will wish all we had to worry about was this stupid little pandemic.

Mentally prepare yourself as best you know how. Standing up for Jesus. Being firm in what’s right means facing rejection, persecution, torture and death just like He did.

Most people are gonna shake their heads and be convinced we are poor deluded, dangerous fools that deserve what we’ve got coming.

What they refuse to see is, what they’ve traded away for the temporary respite offered by this world is the greatest deception of all time. God help us all.

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Can someone with authority like Dr McCullough send this to the CDC FDA WHO AMA Fauci Congress Senate etc PLEASE

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They won't pay attention.

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Just upgraded my subscription to “Founding.” Keep up the great work, Dr. McCullough!!!

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Dr. McCullough, Could you or Dr. Alexander take a deep dive into Hotez’s footnotes? In particular, the claim, “Data from the Texas Department of State Health Services (Texas DSHS) reports that 85% of COVID-19 deaths in Texas in 2021 occurred among the unvaccinated [6], while in the first three months of 2022 during the omicron wave the CDC finds rates of death in the US were 20 times higher among unvaccinated people compared to people who were vaccinated and had received a booster [7]. Therefore, the vast majority of the 40,000 deaths occurred among the unvaccinated.” Unfortunately, in my experience in Texas, many people got vaccinated. Please try to reconcile these seemingly official numbers. He is trying to de-Texafy himself to be considered for Fauci’s post. Thank you!

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The real tragedy in all of this is that real murderous monsters like Hotez walk free among us. May the brilliant vaccinologist reap as he has sown... What a disgusting little arrogant degenerate.

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He is a Luciferian. A demon.

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August 18, 2021 Waco, Texas, it is reported on the evening news a young mother loses her twins to "covid." Was this young pregnant mother vaccinated?

August 31, 2021 Waco Texas it is reported on the evening news two middle school teachers die from "covid." Were these two teachers vaccinated?

Were there postmortems done?

The world was duped to believe only ONE way to escape covid. Every new day we see evidence the covid shot infects, maims and kills.

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TY you for your focused, eye-opening post, Dr. McCullough. Like Deborah Castleman, who also commented, I upgraded my subscription to Founder. You have a gift for writing powerfully, objectively, and dispassionately about infuriating subject matter. This installment in particular concerns an issue you were in on from 'jump street', as they say in the 'hood. The distortion you pointed out is a nauseating attempt to avoid responsibilty. Ed Dowd, in his book "CAUSE UNKNOWN" , a must-read, illustrates this with incontrovertible graphs. But do not despair. Our government has a solution, lest the dis--mis-non-pseudo information you cited get traction. Dept. of Homeland Security to the rescue. Director Mayorkas enters the fray, riding in on his steed, a great white Ckydesdale, as confident and arrogant as he is. He has a Disinformation Governance Board which will stamp out that erroneous data back to the oblivion from whence it sprang. I'm certain of this bc I saw his testimony before the House Appropriations Committee, given under oath, thus preventing perjury. He explained clearly, as he always does, that "As the Director of Homeland Security, I am responsible for BLAH, BLAH, BLAH..." In this case, it was his answer to a question about who appointed the person in charge of this board. Shockingly, obfuscation followed. I have more to say on this point, but alas, the stylus with which I am typing has snapped. Seems I press to hard when I get angry. I'll be back later...rummaging for Xanax and a fresh stylus.

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"The real tragedy in Texas and all over the world was the absolute or relative lack of early combination therapeutics at home in high risk COVID-19. Gkioulekas et al concluded that by December of 2020, we had clear and convincing evidence (P<0.01) that early treatment was effective in reducing hospitalization death, a claim that could never be made for COVID-19 vaccines.

...Early therapeutics has been a bright spot in the pandemic. High-risk index cases among the vaccinated and unvaccinated benefitted from compassionate care which was the best chance to survive the illness and avoid hospitalization and death."

Living proof of this below:

Dear Dr. McCullough, 

My husband, son and I plus THOUSANDS of others are ETERNALLY GRATEFUL to you for your COURAGE and IMMENSE SACRIFICES in speaking TRUTH, providing EARLY treatment and now continuing to treat/help COVID-19 patients! ALMIGHTY GOD led me to you and the other medical FREEDOM Fighters early in this nightmare. I listen, read and watch as much of the info that you provide as possible. I also purchased two copies of your book.

ALMIGHTY GOD has been and continues to use YOU as His MIGHTY vessel in INNUMERABLE and IMMEASURABLE ways. 

Based upon what you and the other Freedom Fighters have taught me during the past three years, when COVID-19 struck my husband and six others (including myself) we were already equipped with a COVID-19 Doctor that provided EARLY treatment and continuous treatment throughout our illness. We all seemed to have the "wicked bad" Delta variant which turned into pneumonia for five of us. Our COURAGEOUS, SACRIFICIAL COVID-19 Doctor provided for our every need (including oxygen) AT HOME from beginning to end...via text. 

My husband and I believe that without the knowledge that You and the other medical Freedom Fighters provided, we would have ended up in the hospital on their HORRIBLE corporate protocols (Remdesivir, ventilator) and died...leaving our child an orphan. 

You are helping save lives daily! May ALMIGHTY GOD continue to provide you His wisdom, guidance, courage, provision and protection.

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THE COVID19 Tragedy all across the globe still continues after 3 years of Treasonous destruction! Absolutely disgusting and shameful!

This mess would have stopped long ago if The People had UNITED in a real Freedom Movement.

The next step has to be UNITY of ALL awake persons in a real Freedom Movement with real strategic planners who know how to address ALL the Treason!

No one, I repeat NO ONE in political power today will ever do the right things until they FEAR the people!

There is nothing for them to fear until we UNITE against them!

UNITED, We can do anything we want!

Divided, there is nothing we can do!

Lex Greene, important writer with a serious resume writing about the necessity of unity…



P.S. My gloves came off 15 years ago, working with the NORTH AMERICAN LAW CENTER group. I highly suggest if you want to unite with people actually working real solutions…contact Lex Greene!

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Anything with Peter Hotez's name on it, I consider propaganda and lies.

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When it is well demonstrated in India of all places that early treatment with CHEAP and readily available drugs...HCQ and ivermectin...saves many and yet you see such covered up by Fauci and the cartel in the US when these same drugs are banned one easily sees that our deaths and disability from the mandated vaccine requires a RICO criminal indictment of ALL those involved in this medical terror of the citizens of this great Nation.

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Excellent idea, Thomas. RICO. That would override the indemnity our government provided to the vax producers, et.al. Ed Dowd, author of CAUSE UNKNOWN, The Epidemic of Sudden Death in 2021-2022, calls it mass murder. He has the unequivocal statistical proof. So I think RICO applies! Getting a law enforcement official with the authority and responsibility to step up is another matter.

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There is no doubt many lives were lost due to the demonization of repurposed drugs to treat covid symptoms.

The medical hierarchy completely lost its mind. Repurposing is a common method. Not only that but if someone’s turning blue because they’re drowning internally since when is it not ok to try alternative therapeutics?

All a ventilator does is force air into water-logged lungs worsening the condition via oxidative stress. Like picking at a scab and expecting it to heal.

The reason they denied the drugs is because, if they worked it voided the Emergency Use Authorization and ended the legal immunity for vaccine manufacturers.

So the top dogs that dictate the protocols that all healthcare providers must follow LET PEOPLE DIE.

That’s why some of the administrators quit their jobs. They saw what was happening and wanted no part of it. Still, they, by their silence and the mainstream media are complicit in murder.

Unfortunately we’ve fallen so low that something so terrible and easily identifiable is an uphill battle to gain public acceptance, restitution and justice. America is in a sad state and bad place.

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Thank you Dr. McCullough for this decisive summary of the data. It’s very useful to have a reference like this post at one’s fingertips.

As an example, I follow Alan Dershowitz on Rumble and Locals. On legal matters and precise Constitutional interpretation, he is the best. But he thinks the COVID shots are fine! Outside of his expertise he parrots the government narratives. He is open minded and unbiased enough to defend Trump in his impeachment trial but somehow gives the Biden administration a pass on its crimes. Puzzling!

His comments on Ukraine are similarly no more than gov’t narrative. He read my comment on air that conflicted with his statements ... I was citing extensive references available right on substack. But dismissed it with mild sarcasm.

I believe worship of political authority figures is in play here.

I’ll keep hammering him, starting with a link to this post! It is my crusade to red-pill this guy! I don’t really expect to get anywhere, but I hope he’ll run into you and John Leake sometime.

His “debate” with Bobby Kennedy was totally disingenuous. I explained to him in a comment that he did not really participate except to agree that the vaccine and drug suppliers are serial felons, not the nice folks he wants to think they are.

This post is not only a criminal conviction of the shots themselves and the malfeasance of the suppliers, but it establishes the vitally important LEGAL axiom that we American citizens CANNOT and NEED not blindly trust the government.

No, we are not “just like Canada!”

That being the case, there is no case for mandates. Our premier Constitutional scholar got it wrong. Shots and protocols known to kill and injure citizens with high risk are about as Constitutional as Jim Jones and his Kool Aid.

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Public health, in the form of Peter Hotez, exonerates itself. How surprising.

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It's me again, Dr. M. & Mr. JL.,

Please just watch this short video by Dr. David Martin


We need Courageous Discourse, still.

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If you multiply the reported number of COVID deaths by 6% you get the real number of COVID deaths

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