Dear Doctor McCullough,

I have concerns regarding the safety profile of the Merck antiviral product, molnupiravir. As I've written in "#MERCKyBusiness - IS "THE CURE" WORSE THAN THE DISEASE?", the mutagenic investigation that was conducted by Merck was extremely problematic.

For example, the pig-a method, unlike alkaline comet assay, does not detect pre-mutagenic DNA lesions. Also, Pig-a gene mutation in RBCs seems to be less accurate than measuring gene mutations in reticulocytes (RET) (immune red blood cells).

Similarly, the transgenic rodent mutation (TGR) assay used to show the safety is suitable for the detection of point mutations, insertions and small deletions but not large deletions, and It does not seems to detect pre-mutagenic lesions.

There are more concerns that I've raised. Please see all the details and the links to the relevant reference in my post on the topic:


I would love to hear your comment on my observations and concerns.

Kind Regards,

Ehden Biber

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Paxlovid needs to be taken off the protocol;. Big time problems with it, Dr. McCullough.

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