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My mother is dying of turbo cancer. She developed a 9 cm CRC primary tumor with large metastases in the liver and in the lungs 18 months after her third shot. A very healthy lifestyle. No previous cancer were ever reported in the history of the family… I'm sharing this with you, but in a way I'm speechless.

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Nice to see our host is as always allowing the data and science to influence his views. Our host has always done such. Its admirable, and these days unusual. Dr McCullough has refrained from making any public statements regarding cancer and the jabs but with time is modifying that stance.

Its fine. What 'we' need ('we'=more or less redpilled) is material we can pass to a normie. Since they will choke as their world view trembles, and they catch a flash of the darkening sky outside, and the fire of dragons consuming their fellow hobbits/sheep..... well a sane hobbit wishes to go back to a cozy fire and crumpets and tea. So they will find ANY hook to discount what you might send. It has to be beyond reproach. No talk of genocide, or 5G, or 'no viruses' can be in these materials. The normie will seize on any element to discount the whole.

Note I am NOT saying 5G, or nano-graphene, or genocide are not actual things. That is not the point. The point is we need usable materials to wake normies to an acceptable state. That is all. Wake up normies, or lose. Thats the game, thats all that counts. I will be pleased to engage in public and even mildly acrimonious debates over viruses yes/no, terrain theory, chemtrails, whether it was malignant intent behind breaking energy and food systems etc etc, AFTER the globalists are defeated and back in their slimy holes. Until then? Wake up normies, or lose. So be smart how you try and do this.

I have 2 successes and several more 'in process'. I will say this; the only thing that seems to work is planting seeds of easily provable counters to the narrative. Within a shout of believable off the bat. Then the normies have to come to it on their own, aggressive tactics and all in on 'genocide' is worse than nothing. Confirms them 'we' are insane. So dont do it. "Pharma greed crossed with government incompetence, fear, and inertia seem to have led us to where we are; dangerous jabs". Thats about as far as a normie can go in stage 1 redpilling. Get them there, and on their own they will start to ponder 'malignant intent'.

Sorry a little off topic to article to be sure.

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Despite oncologists in the UK and USA as well as cardiologists in both countries demanding these mRNA covid vaxxes stop immediately being given to anyone, due to,the harm they are causing. Yet here in the UK the over 75’s have received multiple notices from the NHS to get in and have their covid booster, along with their flu jab. Yes, that is right, both are being administered on the same day to these seniors. What kind of Frankenstein medicine is this? Has there been even one study done on the safety of administration of an influenza vaccine at the same time as a mRNA covid booster. No, I did not think so.

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My vaccinated friend died in August in this way. He first became aware that he had non-Hodgkins lymphoma when it was in stage 4, and he died about six weeks later.

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The cancer side of these jabs I think is bad, very bad.

My aunt died in early 22 going from a little short of breath to dead of lung cancer in 2 months. Jabbed. A young man friend of my sons, about 30 and bit age, has a tennis ball size tumour in his brain. He is deteriorating rapidly. My dad, who died recently, had tumorous growths all over his bones, contributory to his death (primary was heart failure due to 'widespread damage to his heart muscle and heart sack' (quote of doc) which occurred in close proximity to jab 2 in mid 21). And my misled hobbit friend, a normie through and through, but honest, has reported on a rapidly growing incurable throat cancer, and another cancer death (I forget details), in his circle.

So in the group I would know about, I would say never heard such before, and I am 63. Cancer yes, but 5 in a year? Never. 1 every 3 years, that seems more like it. And never in my life, ever, a young cancer. On the news, but not my 'circle'.

Anecdotal. Give us a merge of the cancer and shot databases. Keep pushing, thanks doc.

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This study implies that the virus itself also has oncogenic potential so the pro vaxx crowd will use this since most people have had the virus whether vaccinated or not. As usual, we need studies to separate out the vaxxed vs. unvaxxed.

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Dr. McCullough

Nice article!

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No one in Congress is listening. IMHO they simply don’t care if we die.

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Saturday, 8th July 2023

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The majority of the world's rulers only have an overly big mouth and only utter stupid and primitive slogans that have neither hand nor foot, but only worthlessness, so that a valuable and lasting peace cannot really and finally be ensured and exist, but instead ..

Also that there are some 18.5 million human beings worldwide who have been outright murdered by these false vaccinations, as Ptaah explained to me, which of course is vehemently denied, because the truth is not meant to be known.

This, just as it should also not be known how many thousands of human beings suffer from vaccine damage for the rest of their lives.

But what I have to say is that all those in power ..





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Does anyone have information about cancer in people who had the J&J vaccination?

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Thursday, 11th August 2022

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This is also proven in the case of the Corona epidemic, which is 'fought' with means, lies and empty promises that cause many deaths.

Also the number of deaths due to the Corona virus is set so much lower than what corresponds to the truth as a result of lies.

Our records 6 days ago are known to me in this respect, and they amount to 8,314,088 Earth-humans who have died of the Corona virus, very many of whom have succumbed to death as a result of unsuitable vaccines.

Also, it should be mentioned, our research has shown that various of the Corona vaccines attack the DNA and also cause various types of cancer, as well as damage the nervous system and impair and damage the brain in its functions.



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