As defector Yuri Bezmenov noted, demoralization of America was key to achieve communist revolution.

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Yeah...Never again!

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Great post Thank you. Profile in Valor; an appropriate assessment/accolade. Please note the following . . . a very small sampling:

On 21 December 2020 (that's twenty-TWENTY) I wrote to Fauci (and copied Martha Pollack of Cornell) openly accusing him/them of being responsible for the suicide deaths of our K-12 children DUE TO HIS/THEIR INSPIRED LOCKDOWNS. In this letter I declared him culpable for the death of 16-year-old Spencer Smith (far worse than you thought?!):


Then I wrote a letter sent jointly to Fauci/Pollack that re-asserts the above with subject line "Connections to Suicide Deaths – American K-12 Students"


In the next letters of early 2022 I extend the basis to the COVID-19 crimes (i.e. lockdowns) committed at the college level; leveling the following demand upon Fauci (and therefore Martha Pollack of Cornell):

Demand: Your Forfeiture of all Degrees, Disassociation of Any Affiliation, and Complete Disconnection from Any Prior Accolades/Activities Related in any way to my alma mater – CORNELL UNIVERSITY


In a follow-up to the 19 January 2022 letter I re-assert as follows:

Subject 1: Reassertion – Cornell University Degree/Affiliation FORFEITURE DEMAND

Subject 2: Reassertion – Manslaughter Charge Against Mr. Anthony Fauci

Subject 3: Ms. Martha Pollack – Participations Related to Subject 2


Again, a very small sampling. A directory follows:


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My most recent "college" oriented letter was sent to all twenty Ivy League administrators: 8 presidents, 7 medical school deans, 5 law school deans. On cover Page 11 of 12 of the following 21 April 2023 letter I stated :


"Of the many institutions embedded in the global COVID-19 crime syndicate, none are more insidious than Big Academia. Of the latter, none are more grotesque, and DIRECTLY culpable, than the Ivy League especially the current administrators of Cornell University:

If just one Ivy League University had unmasked the criminal character, purpose, and culprits of the so-called COVID-19 pandemic, that entire scheme would have collapsed; and millions of lives and livelihoods would have been spared . . . This is especially true if it had been my alma mater, Cornell University."

My introductory video to the 21 April 2023 letter (link above); all twenty Ivy League administrators received their personal copy of Mr. Dowd's excellent book:



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For the record, in the context of college lockdowns, I also had extensive communications with Oral Roberts University President William Wilson (and his staff). As some know, he and ORU were viciously vilified by the regime media et al., about his refusal to lockdown or mandate face masks or the modRNA contraptions:



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I remember being quite demoralized and depressed myself when I got word that the so-called vaccines (poison death shots) were BLA approved. Before that, our University was telling faculty they cannot mandate EUA shots, and there were faculty that wanted mandated vaccines at the time. With the initial BLA approval, there was a period of uncertainty on whether we would be forced to mandate vaccines, in particular via the Federal contractors mandate. Texas A&M started making preparations to implement the mandate whereas UT System was being eerily quite. And I was pretty numb, probably a symptom of depression, theoughout that uncertain period and it was also the first semester we were teaching in person. In any case, in the end we were not hot with any mandate, except for medical students who were hit with the Federal mandate that the Supreme Court did not strike down and were forced to take EUA shots.

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With All Of The Petroleum Products

Injected Into The Chronically Vaccinated

None Of Them Can Claim To Be

“Carbon Neutral”.


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