'Of the three quarters of Americans who took one of the COVID-19 vaccines in the last two years, 94% were injected with mRNA coding for the Spike protein that was engineered in the Wuhan Institute of Virology Biosecurity Annex, the same place where SARS-CoV-2 launched its attack on the world.'

Am I the only one that finds this the most chilling statement ever made?

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I'm going to make it a bit more chilling with a quick edit: "... the same place where the SARS-CoV-2 virus was launched, either deliberately or inadvertently, to attack the world."

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That has been my lofty view from day one.

As in what came first the chicken or the egg?

What came first, the WIV lab GOF released to public in transp Viral contagion loads?

or NIH/pFIZER/Moderna/OWS vaxxxines. as the ANTIDOTE to it?

They brewed both the at different locations. The US Patent office proves the GOF as registered. This is not over. They retain all the "GET OUT OF JAIL FREE" cards .GOV affords them. NO LIABILITY. UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE. FOREVER???

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It stands to reason that Sinopharm, using the inactive original Wuhan virus, would be ineffective against Omicron mutations. But actually ALL covid vaccines should be pulled from the world market, as they are either wholly dependent on the Wuhan strain, or, as with the bivalent, continue to use the Wuhan strain as part of their makeup. The actual point is that, according to ‘buried’ published scientific data, those who were not already immunocompromised, ALREADY had antibodies that provided robust protection to Covid, prior to any vaccine.

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Exactly. But logic has never factored. Only obedience.

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IMO, the Sinopharm product will NOT be "taken down" by the WHO as it would cause the CCP to lose "face" in the world community and they - just like the USG - will do everything within their power to maintain the narrative and continue the lie. ...And, their respective empires!

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The important, truthful news from this substack is not reported in any so-called media outlet. Bravo, Dr. McCullough.

The entire premise of vaccines for respiratory illnesses, such as influenza, is that they are supposedly based on data to determine which variant is most likely to be prevalent in the coming flu season.

The fake pandemic and money-making pyramid scheme upon which covid19 was based didn't even bother using that variant basis to design their useless injections, proving repeatedly that the pandemic was nothing more than a marketing plan to sell dangerous pharmaceuticals, sometimes at literal gunpoint.

America's role in this tyrannical farce just encourages more lies worldwide and proves we have fallen as the last bastion of freedom in the world. 🙁

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so do we know if the Sinopharm vax had many vax injuries like the US vaxxes?

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Dr. McCullough: I would appreciate it if you could post information on what you feel are the implications of "vaccinating" our cattle with the Covid 19 injection. There is growing concern about this; however, I wonder since the animal would be dead and refrigerated before it was transported and then cooked, what the real danger is. Thank you.

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EVERYTHING in the form of data whether from China or from their puppet WHO on medical or economic information should never be believed...you risk your life and your money as well as your Freedoms if you do. There should always be a disclaimer on any such data from these folks as well as that from our own Govt to include the FDA/CDC.

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It’s very interesting that many people are convinced by the official narrative about this virus, when they’re quite clear that the same people (I count anyone ten levels above me in the global hierarchy as belonging to the same group of self appointed elites) told us nothing but *lies about the virus, countermeasures and the alleged vaccines.

Once you discover numerous lies, I have a couple of questions.

1. Why lie? If there really is this major public health emergency, there’d be no need to lie.

2. What happened to ‘flu?



*we’ve been lied to about degree of public health threat; masks; asymptomatic transmission, immunity, PCR testing, lockdowns, border restrictions etc etc

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Well at least it isn't as dangerous as mRNA choices.

My in-laws in China are forced to continue taking their vaccine or lose major privileges.

I think most have taken 4.

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Since none of the alleged vaccines actually work, does it not occur to your relatives to ask themselves why does govt want me to be injected with the stuff?

I think injection-based mass murder is the likely, longer-run objective.

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Older Chinese try not to think. But we told them to stay away from the mRNA "vaccines" which initially many Chinese with connections were trying to get on the black market.

Unfortunately the current governments of the USA and Canada are trying to control the masses just like China.

When DeSantis becomes POTUS and Dr McCullough becomes the top health advisor, things will finally change.

A CNN poll out today, already shows 60% of USA adults approve of Trump being arrested, even though only 14% didn't think it was political. Trump is too disliked to beat Biden, and this is the theme that DeSantis' people just began.

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Me again. I’ve been around publications policies around the world.

Nothing emerges from a Chinese university that isn’t cleared by Beijing.

Why in the world would they “admit” to these clinical data?

It’s almost as if the narrative (that there’s been a novel virus) is so precious that the Chinese government has actively elected to take this reputationally damaging hit.

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I have another question. Most of us are aware that numerous people have filed FOIA requests for samples of the virus to scores of public health departments of very many governments. If I’ve understood it correctly, not one even claimed they such a sample & all declined therefore to send a sample.

If we’re to believe the Sinopharm product, they’ve hundreds of litres of culture supernatant chock full of the stuff.

Something isn’t right here.

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I have been wondering and have queried several stackers about why the Chinese CCP seem to have favored the inactivated sinopharm over the available nanolipid and vector mRNA products. Can you please shed some light?

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Peter and all,

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Peter and all…Ready to finally unite with serious strategic planners to stop the continuing destruction, especially the NANOTECHNOLOGY COVID19 theatre? See Lex below…

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It was reported that the CDC formulated a virus model from patient x in Washington State which they believed had the characteristics of the pneumonial malady circulating in Wuhan in Dec. 2019 (with, or without spike protein is unknown to me).

It was further reported this viral model was disseminated across the USA scientific community, and pharma companies such as Pfizer.

So which spike protein was used for the Mrna Comirnaty product, could it be Wuhan Virology Biosecurity Annex, or could it be the CDC.

No doubt as North American Indians always claimed, the European invaders were nothing less than "FORKED TONGUED LIARS", which has passed down through Corporate honchos, governmental actors, and politicos.

We, the people need to go on a Civil litigation war path

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More real world Data that goes unseen/unheard/unread/unannounced/!!

Unbelievable! Right? This is not over. The massive uncovering has only begun.

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