This doesn't mean we shouldn't celebrate this exposure of Pfizer's wicked complicity. At this point, the Pfizer executives' best hope is to help provide evidence to convict the folks at the DoD who were giving them their marching orders.

And, who is the DoD taking orders from?

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You are right that understanding the criminal behavior is a "formidable undertaking" and that is exactly what Latypova and Watt have done. No need to go to the movies to find insights. Their thesis is that the actions are directed by an extra-legal set of laws. Which explain why it is that the FDA is not doing its job, why Congress is silent, why the clinical trials were so skimpy and incomplete, why the results were covered-up, why there's not even an attempt at consistency from batch to batch, why Pfizer claimed in court (via DOJ lawyers) that they were ordered to do it by the USG, why Maddie deGaray was ignored and why doctors like Peter McCullough are silenced. It's a great thesis because it has great explanatory power.

It's no use simply decrying the absence of regulatory oversight or the silencing of facts. It's hard to make much progress when you treat the pandemic response as a collection of disparate parties taking disparate actions. The US pandemic response was governmental. It was preplanned, well-organized and well-executed. Understanding the nature of how the government works is important.

A word about Ike's speech. The way I read the whole speech, he was saying that innovation won the war, that the Allies had more of a bottom-up and multi-sourced system for idea generation. And that if the USG steps in during the Cold War and starts funding the University labs and projects, that will imperil the innovation, because it is single-sourced.

Well, we are way beyond that now. We passed that signpost decades ago at 60 mph. We now have a mass injection campaign developed by the government, funded by the government, purchased by the government, and covered-up by the government, and fear-mongered by the government. I don't think Ike would even recognize this as America. All done by one branch of the government with no debate. Let's try to understand what is going on, so we know how to undo it.


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Exactly like IGF, yes!

I think they are just trying to anticipate which variants result from deployment of their newest product line. If they can anticipate that, they can develope the vaccine for a pathogen created by their last vaccine before the pathogen pops up in the wild.

Every time we mass imprint we cause other variants to gain an edge. It's become a very dynamic and complex process, but it used to be relatively simple.


Now bivalent boosters are causing BQ.1.1 and CH.1.1 to gain predominance. The vaccinated can not produce any antibodies against it. The current CFR is roughly 6 times as high as that of all BA* variants and even slightly higher than Delta.

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Jan 29, 2023Liked by Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

Excellent work John and General Peter “Patton” McCullough MD MPH. The military industrial complex (MIC) referred to by General Eisenhower in 1961 sadly has morphed into the medical industrial complex of today. And this was only possible after this rogue complex assassinated JFK - just 6 months earlier JFK stated that he would “Splinter them into a 1000 pieces and cast them to the wind”. Unfortunately JFK took a stand to eradicate this EVIL MIC and it cost him his life, his brother’s life and some speculate his only son’s life. So if the MIC was willing to accomplish a successful coup De’tat by assassinating JFK almost 60 years ago and has grown in strength, power & influence since then, what would they be willing to do now? Would they be willing & capable of purposely releasing a weapon of bio warfare? Would they start a war or another false flag event?

Someone needs to finish JFK’s promise to destroy the MIC and restore true FREEDOM not only in the USA but the entire world. But who can do this? Ladies and gentlemen, if not us then who? If not NOW then when?

Apostles Peter, James & John were the closest of the 12 to Jesus. They changed the world by following Jesus’s command. We the People can do the same. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us - Philippians 4:13

James A Thorp MD

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"However, it seems to me that that it’s of limited utility to draw sharp distinctions between the DOD and companies like Pfizer and Moderna."

I found it very disappointing that John should make the comment above. Clearly he doesn't get the importance of sharp distinctions and this is bizarre given his close relationship with Peter Mccullough who is the epitome of sharp distinctions. Don't water down the work of these two brilliant researchers. All of the medical orientation towards discovering the "science" of the now clearly non-medical military counter measures is a red hearing and while poisoned people need to be considered and antidotes and treatments developed the bigger game is still in play and we hardly need to go back to Ike to see that. It's right here in front of us with Latypova and Watt. Wake up my Friend!

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In this vein, see also the writing of Whitney Webb. Her volumes One Nation Under Blackmail draws out the connections between the criminal underworld and the MIC.

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"Defining and delineating how exactly these organizations relate to and benefit from each other strikes me as a formidable undertaking."

Indeed. JFK and RFK took them on and were summarily eliminated. If you don't think these bastards have become even more powerful and more ruthless your be kidding yourself.

This is going to get ugly either way it goes. So personally I'd rather go down swinging.

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I believe it is important to help folks realize their government is doing this to them. Many people still live under the delusion that we have a democracy. This leap of understanding is a bigger red pill.

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Thanks Dr. Mc Cullough and Mr. Leake for following up with Katherine Watt and Sasha Latypova...leading your readers to this information is priceless and helps spread the message that justice will not come from a meeting in a bar with a purported Pfizer employee who is divulging "new" news....the masses want easy answers as Watt and Latypova show there are no easy answers only complicated, years long development of laws creating an evil system designed to harm us all created by the government that claims to represent us....Put aside wishful thinking, start the hard slog of reading Bailiwick News and Latypova ( you can find them on You Tube and other channels as well) try to get your head around the evil that has been perpetrated on all of us and share this information with everyone you know to help take their blinders off so we can begin to work together toward change.

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Other movies I’ve thought about in recent years:

The Fugitive, where a giant pharma company was killing whistle blowers who knew it’s new drug was causing (cancer?) horrible side effects.

I Am Legend: It opens with a doctor claiming she’d cured cancer via a new vaccine. A couple months later, pretty much everyone except Will Smith was either dead or a zombie.

Not like Hollywood hasn’t been warning us for years.

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If you can, watch the first few minutes of the movie "Misconduct" from 2016, based on a fictitious Pierson pharmaceutical company and it's deadly drug trials. "They lied." "They need to be accountable." "No one should be allowed to get away with this." Sounds familiar. (Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino make it worth watching.)

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It's also really important that the EUA law: (1) put the HHS Sec'y, alone, in charge of authorizing the Covid injection "countermeasures", (2) with the only criteria being that it "might" be useful in combating the emergency, given whatever info s/he had available at the time the decision was made, and (3) it's illegal to do any clinical studies on any product while it's under EUA usage. It's important that everyone understand that these are laws that congress passed and that are still in place. Sasha explains all that at 3:21 in 3:21 in https://doctors4covidethics.org/gold-standard-covid-science-in-practice-an-interdisciplinary-symposium-v-in-the-midst-of-darkness-light-prevails/

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The message I took from Whitney Webb's One Nation Under Blackmail is that what Americans have been conditioned to think of as business is really organized crime with official-looking offices. The Wall St. banks are stunning examples of this, as is Pharma.

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We're living a dystopian 'fiction' prediction, more than anything else. I'd say we're living a combination of Brave New World and 1984.

Looks like Huxley and Orwell were prescient.

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Then who actually manufactures the 'vax'?

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I’ve just finished “The Courage to Face Covid-19” by Mr Leake and Dr McCullough. Like Mr Leake, my degree is in History, American History. He’s far and away a superb researcher and storyteller. The book is not a thriller. But it does tell the story of many killers. CEPI, WEF, Gates, Fauci, Big Pharma and Media. The arrogance of the progressive elitists along with the concurrence of greed and distain for mankind has no rival in the history of the world.

This book is a must read and share with ten others. Do others have the courage to read it? Do they have the courage to bring these criminals to a world justice tribunal?

Some say that this is so big that no conspiracy could exist. Pre-Email and Internet that likely would have been true. But today’s technology makes it easy to conspire without ever having to meet or openly discuss your common goals. And that is what these criminals did - they signaled - in the open where it would be less noticeable- each other about how to accomplish their goals.

Covid victims and those who have perished due to the destruction these repeated mRNA jabs have done to their immune systems scream out from their graves.

What penalty? Why not a few doses of their own medicine?! For each, six doses of this mRNA JAB given two months a part! Let’s see how many survive the first four shots!

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