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Adverse Effects: A Critical Review of COVID Vaxgenes: Do You Choose to Understand?

New Book for mRNA Vaccinated, Family, and Friends

Many have said the new mRNA vaccines are not really vaccines which traditionally have fallen into three categories:  1) antigen, 2) killed virus 3) live attenuated.  Over the course of the pandemic the definition of vaccine has been softened to simply state a mechanism without a hard clinical benefit or outcome. 

What does it mean to have mRNA injected into the human body? We sought to answer these questions by inviting on the show this week Dr. Karina A. Acevedo-Whitehouse who told us why she was motivated to write a powerful and revealing book on mRNA titled:  Adverse effects. A critical review of COVID vaxgenes: Do you choose to understand?  For so many who now have this new form of synthetic mRNA in their bodies, this book is a must. Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse currently works at the Facultad de Ciencias Naturales, Autonomous University of Queretaro.  Acevedo-Whitehouse does research on Immune Plasticity, Molecular Epidemiology of disease in wildlife, and Cancer in free-ranging species.

Publication Date February 20, 2024 SBN-13978-9694392677

Here is some more on the new book: “This book is a compendium of various topics that seek to help understand the mechanisms through which genetic anti-COVID vaccines (vaxgenes) can cause various impacts on the health of those who receive them. It contains eight chapters that explore the components of vaxgenes, their mechanism of action, the pathophysiology associated with each component, the clinical conditions that can arise from that pathophysiology, and the scientific and medical evidence of their occurrence. Central concepts about causality and chance in epidemiology are also explored.

It is not an academic textbook, although it explains scientific topics in a serious and referenced way. It is not a medical reference book, but it will be useful for doctors and patients. It is not a popular book, although it is written in an accessible way. It is not a book that seeks to generate fear, but rather to offer knowledge to understand the facts and allow you to seek help if needed. It does not constitute 'the truth', but it contains it.” This book is particularly timely as some of our most frail in society could be coming up on their ninth or even twelfth shot.

If you, family members, or friends took one of the Pfizer or Moderna shots, you will want to know what is inside of you now and what may happen in the months and years to come.  So, let’s understand together what “vaxgenes” are and review the implications of mass, repeated administration. This book is highly referenced and illustrated—a great “nudge” gift for those still in the government false narrative..

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