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COVID-19 Vaccine Injury Recognized as Military Service-Connected

Story of Army National Guard Specialist Karoline Stancik on Breanna Morello Show and Analysis by Dr. McCullough

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

Throughout my career I have cared for “service connected” US veterans who have a disease or injury caused by their participation in active duty. It is an important status since service connected means the US Veterans Administration covers the costs of care for the rest of that life. But what about mandated COVID-19 vaccination and the well-documented vaccine injury syndromes such as cardiovascular, neurological, thrombotic, and immunologic diseases that develop after the injection?

Please watch this story brought to us by Breanna Morello and investigative reporter Catherine Herridge. Breanna Morello is a former Fox Corp, Newsmax, local news, and major lead baseball producer. After Fox Corp threatened to put Breanna on unpaid leave for not getting the Covid jab, she left the corporate media world and made her way into independent journalism. Breanna's goal is simple. She aims to be a truth seeker and amplify her findings through her new podcast.

The story is about Army National Guard Specialist Karoline Stancik who has suffered cardiovascular damage due to COVID-19 vaccination and now at a young age is reliant on a cardiac pacemaker and multiple medications probably for the rest of her life. Will she be formally declared “service connected” and get the full care she needs? Could this be the bellwether case that opens the floodgate to thousands of similar cases, much like the men and women who come home as casualties from war?

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Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

President, McCullough Foundation

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