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History, Harms, and Theoretical Benefits of Routine Vaccination in Pregnancy

Dr. McCullough on CR Podcast with Blaze Media Commentator Daniel Horowitz

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

When my children were conceived and born the miraculous process occurred without vaccines given to the mother. It had been this way since the beginning of mankind. When and why has vaccination begun in pregnant women? What are the threats to health American women posed by diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, influenza, and COVID-19? Can pregnant women be exposed to the risks of vaccination in order to theoretically pass immunity on to the baby?

Please listen to this monologue and cited conversation I had with Daniel Horowitz, a young father and conservative commentator on Blaze Media Conservative Review Podcast. The CDC ACIP panel to put COVID-19 mRNA vaccines on the routine childhood vaccine schedule as well as recommending them for pregnant women (category X) has drawn our collective attention to the rationale if any, to disturb the natural process of pregnancy and childbirth.

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Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

President, McCullough Foundation

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