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Implications for Independent Media if Missouri vs Biden Lost to Government Censorship

Dr. McCullough with Fiercely Independent Media Host Shannon Joy

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

We will soon have the US Supreme Court verdict on Missouri (Murthy) v Biden, the epic case of freedom of speech versus government censorship in mainstream social media (Meta, Google, X, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc). As I listened to comments from alarmist and paternalistic supreme court justices, I was discouraged about the outcome of the case. Our supreme court just like our government agency officials believe they know what is best for our conversations in the public square.

If there is another crisis, possibly gain-of-function avaian influenza H5N1 escaping from an American USDA laboratory resulting in large flocks of chicken and herds of cattle becoming ill and viral spread to farm workers and their families, there will be an immediate need for critical news on testing, risk mitigation, and early treatment. Our government agencies want to crush veternarians and doctors who have the courage to go on social media and present breaking scientific data and life-saving information.

I told iconic, fearless, and fiercely independent media host Shannon Joy to get ready for a wave of crushing censorship after the SCOTUS verdict. How will independent media respond? What will happen with the progressive blockade of Rumble in more countries beyond France, Brazil, and Russia? We cover this issue and discuss so much more on this hour-plus on the Shannon Joy Show. Please enjoy the free and uncensored CONVO while we can still have it.

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Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

President, McCullough Foundation

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