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Presidential Debate Falls Short on COVID-19 Vaccine Debacle

Dr. McCullough has Talking Points for Trump

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

The first presidential candidate debate between former President Donald Trump and incumbent Joe Biden was a resounding victory for Trump who was assertive as Biden wandered off into the demented recesses of his mind, slack-jawed, and dazed during most of the televised event.

Dr. McCullough appeared with Dr. Gina Loudon and both agreed the debate fell short on healthcare, particularly the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccine debacle. McCullough had talking points for Trump that would almost certainly guarantee him a resounding victory in November with a gushing sound of independent and democratic votes coming from those wronged and damaged by the COVID-19 vaccine and its mandates.

Here are the points suggested for Trump: “I did my job during the pandemic by expediting Operation Warp Speed and other critical administrative initiatives. Anthony Fauci lied to me on many aspects of the crisis. The safety debacle of COVID-19 vaccination occurred during the Biden Administration. If I get into office, I am going to investigate what happened with the vaccine and make it right with America.”

Many want much more of Trump including an apology for any and all of his involvement in the disastrous pandemic response and his vow to pull the COVID-19 vaccines off the market. Veiled as being egoistic or pig-headed, he may not be strong enough to admit he is wrong fearing any admission of shortcoming(s) will be a self-inflicted blow to his perceived tenuous presidential campaign.

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