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"Unyielding" Story of Military Anthrax Vaccine Debacle

Thomas Rempfer Relentlessly Exposing a Bad Vaccine, Laws Broken, Nefarious Letter Bombs, and Parallels with to the COVID-19 Vaccine Disaster

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

I have always wondered why the US Military of all groups in the United States, stuck with the COVID-19 mass vaccination campaign longer than most other organizations. Excluding older administrative and civilian personnel, our young persons in uniform are young, fit, and most sailed through COVID-19 long before the vaccine campaign kicked into gear. I wanted to learn more about military vaccine campaigns so I sat down with “full bird” Colonel Thomas Rempfer to learn more. This is from the Center for Homeland and Defense Security:

“Colonel (select) Tom Rempfer, USAF retired, ended his USAF career flying, instructing and evaluating counter-terrorism missions for the 2nd Special Operations Squadron in the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper. Past US Air Force flying assignments include duty as an F-16 flight lead, F-117 instructor pilot, C-130 aircraft commander and A-10 forward air controller, with total flight time of over 3500 hours of combat support and over 5,000 hours in total time. He served a special duty tour as the pilot member for the Air Force Chief of Staff’s Cyberspace Task Force, which created the strategic path for the standup of the Air Force Cyber Command. He is a distinguished graduate of the USAF Academy and USAF Pilot Training, and in his civilian career Tom has flown the ATR-42, DC-10, MD-80, A-300, B-737, B-757, B-767, B-777 and B-787. He completed a master’s degree through the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Homeland Defense and Security and received the program’s Outstanding Thesis Award.”

Tom is a top gun and for over 20 years, he has been gunning down our military and government leaders who forced a bad anthrax vaccine on our soldiers. He has been fighting for corrected discharges for soldiers who rightfully declined anthrax vaccination. The full story is told in his book “Unyielding”

There is so much packed into this interview I want you to lock in on what Colonel “Buzz” Rempfer is saying:

  1. No member of the military foreign or domestic has ever become sick with anthrax as an act of biowarfare

  2. Anthrax, a bacterial infection, has always been easily treated with antibiotics (amoxicillin, doxycycline, ciprofloxacin)

  3. The Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed (AVA) in 1970 and was recommended for use by a small population of textile mill workers, veterinarians, laboratory scientists, and other workers with occupational risk of exposure to anthrax. In the 1990s, increased concern about the use of biological weapons led the Department of Defense (DoD) to begin vaccination of U.S. military personnel. Some troops were given anthrax vaccine in the 1991 Gulf War, and a large program to vaccinate all service members was begun in 1998.

  4. By 2001 a limited vaccine supply and significant resistance by the troops, resulted in delays in federal approval for release of newly manufactured vaccine lots, had significantly slowed plans to vaccinate all military personnel.

  5. After the deliberate distribution of anthrax spores in bioterrorist incidents in the autumn of 2001, the vaccine was offered as part of the treatment for as many as 10,000 of the civilians who had been exposed. Letters containing anthrax spores were mailed to several news media offices and to Senators Tom Daschle and Patrick Leahy, killing five people and infecting 17. Rempfer drops a bombshell on who may have been the perpetrator.

  6. Sadly, Gulf War Illness (GWI) an ill-defined set chronic symptoms in Veterans deployed to the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm/Operation Desert Shield (1990-91) may be result of anthrax vaccination. It afflicted between 175,000 – 210,000 of the 700,000 U.S. troops deployed during the Gulf War.

  7. Today our troops receive the Emergent BioSolutions BioThrax 3 injection primary series. In 2023, CYFENDUS (Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed, Adjuvanted) was released for use after exposure to anthrax. Rempfer believes BioThrax 3 is more safe, but as we learn the damage to so many and the broken trust for military brass making public health decisions may be irreparable.

Please take the time to read a copy of the book “Unyielding” and watch this free 21 minute documentary as a trailer produced by Maria Noel.

Click to Play “Unyielding” Produced by Maria Noel This documentary is based on Thomas L. Rempfer's book, "Unyielding", which compares the similarities between the Anthrax Vaccine Mandate and the Covid Vaccine Mandate within the military. It shines a light of the wrong doings of the United States Government. We hope to bring about change and a better quality of life, not only for service members, but for all Americans.

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Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

President, McCullough Foundation

Institute of Medicine (US) Committee to Assess the Safety and Efficacy of the Anthrax Vaccine; Joellenbeck LM, Zwanziger LL, Durch JS, et al., editors. The Anthrax Vaccine: Is It Safe? Does It Work? Washington (DC): National Academies Press (US); 2002. 2, Background. Available from:


Authorization of Emergency Use of Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed for Prevention of Inhalation Anthrax by Individuals at Heightened Risk of Exposure Due to Attack With Anthrax; Availability. A Notice by the Food and Drug Administration on 02/02/2005

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