Dr Annette Bosworth "Dr Boz" Comes to Grips with Regret Over COVID-19 Vaccination

Popular Media Personality Says She Was Wrong to Recommend Shots

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By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

Regret can be an incredibly painful emotion. While rooted in feelings of contrition, disappointment, guilt, or remorse for things that have happened in the past, such feelings can have a powerful influence over life going forward. People have asked me when are doctors going to wake up, realize they’re wrong, and deal with regret? Sometimes it takes a deep dive with a manuscript such as the comprehensive (and now retracted) review by Mead et al published in Springer Nature Cureus Journal of Medical Science. This was taken up by Dr. Annette Bosworth MD, a Florida doctor known for her promotion of and clinical observations on the medical benefits of the ketogenic diet. Bosworth is an internal medicine specialist in Tampa, FL and has over 25 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine in 1998.

A YouTube medical personality with over half a million subscribers, Dr. Annette Bosworth known as “Dr Boz” presented the Mead analysis starting with the peer-review process and marked up every line for her followers. Bosworth said she was wrong at the beginning and is rattled by the end realizing her recommendation of COVID-19 vaccination was a giant mistake. Her honest nervousness is not just over her patients, but for herself because she is obviously vaccinated as well. Give her credit for having the courage to do this on YouTube. Her fans wrote in about vaccine injuries and felt collective online relief that she capitulated and reconciled on this very important biological safety debacle that has negatively impacted so many loved ones and friends.

How will Bosworth react to the news that Springer Nature has retracted the paper in violation of the COPE Guidelines? Will she throw out the comprehensive review completely? I doubt it because she actually read every page of the paper and clearly understands the 293 references cited cannot all be wrong.

Mead MN, Seneff S, Wolfinger R, Rose J, Denhaerynck K, Kirsch S, McCullough PA. COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines: Lessons Learned from the Registrational Trials and Global Vaccination Campaign. Cureus. 2024 Jan 24;16(1):e52876. doi: 10.7759/cureus.52876. PMID: 38274635; PMCID: PMC10810638.

I posted this comment on Dr. Boz’s YouTube channel February 25, 2024, so she and her fans are not blindsided.


This video helped me understand why we should continue fighting the headwinds of academic publication, censorship, and relentless attacks from the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex. If our paper can move Dr. Annette Bosworth, a physician who deeply cares about her patients and her online community, even if it was only Dr. Boz, one out of a million US physicians, it was worth it!


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Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

President, McCullough Foundation