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The HOT ZONE: Of Bats and Birds

Scapegoat Anthony Fauci, Congressional Choreography, Bird Flu GOF, Great Reset Riddance of Animal Protein, WHO Bungling, Tattoos and Cancer, New Oxford Study on Vaccine-induced Myocarditis.

Another week, another front row seat in the Global Public Health Theater of the Absurd. We encourage our listeners to bear in mind that one of our primary objectives with the HOT ZONE is to monitor what our government agencies and their cronies in the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex are saying.

If our experience for the last four years has taught us anything, it’s that these wolves in sheep’s clothing telegraph their machinations with public announcements that combine fear-mongering and bad faith assurances that the U.S. government just wants keep us safe. Thus, even if we don’t believe a word we’re told doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t pay attention to it.

On the contrary, to protect ourselves from human predators, we must keep a vigilant eye on them and listen very closely to their utterances. As our Founding Fathers understood, we mortal human beings must always contend with some measure of danger in the world, but the greatest danger consists over overgrown and imbalanced state power that often presents itself in the guise of paternalistic benevolence.



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