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Trust Your Judgement on Pandemic Issues, Not the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex

Dr. McCullough on Just the News with John Solomon

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

So much of the consternation felt by inidividuals and families throughout the pandemic crisis has boiled down to trust in judgement. We all had to decide to what extent we were going to wear masks, or stay away from our elderly relatives. When it came to acute illness, then we were pressed on important issues such as seeking and getting early treatment as opposed to believing nothing could be done before hospitalization. Probably the most agonizing decision was to give up in sickness and call 911 for a paramedic ride to the hospital knowing it may be the last trip of one’s life, never to see family members again.

Please enjoy this long format interview, May 10, 2024 in segments for Just the News, No Noise on Real America’s Voice hosted by former white house correspondent John Solomon. We go through these issues in the context of an impending Disease X Pandemic preplanned for us in the form of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 bird flu. A central part of our message is to be prepared this time and trust your own judgement. For bird flu two key preparedness steps are outlined:

  • Have either povidone iodine or Lugol’s iodine in the house and be prepared to make an dilute iodine (few drops) nasal spray with saltwater. Also put a few drops in Scope and Listerine for 30 second gargles. Alternatively, commercial, ready-made brand name (CoFix, Betadine) products can be used. Do this use after handling farm animals or in the case of suspected bird flu up to every four hours.

The CSL Seqirus cell-based human avian influenza vaccine technology AUDENZ, approved in 2021 and prepurchased by the government, is destined to fail because the virus will mutate and easily infect vaccinated persons in a high-prevalence pandemic. The vaccine may have hidden safety issues since it has not been extensively studied in large populations.

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Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

Chief Scientific Officer, The Wellness Company

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